Our Company

Sir Isaac Newton had a theory about gravity. His theory changed the way we view the universe. We have a theory about beer that will change the way you view gravity. Stack High Gravity is the first introductory brew style by Stack Brewing Company. It is brewed with the finest ingredients for a big, bold and smooth flavor.

Stack Brewing goes Beyond Gravity™ with a fresh insight into high gravity flavored malt beverages. Introducing Stack 101 Flavors! Brewed with all-natural flavors for an adult beverage experience that will stimulate your senses and leave your taste buds wanting more. Stack 101 High Gravity brewing process goes beyond the average 8% ABV and allows Stack to achieve 9.9% alcohol by volume without sacrificing the quality and flavor of a premium malt beverage.

At Stack Brewing Company, we pride ourselves on making products using high-end, premium ingredients. Stack Brewing promotes responsible consumption by adults 21 years of age and over. Please drink responsibly.